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Bound for Tragedy

Tragedy Bound
Looking for clues
I’m starting to suspect she likes abuse
I’m starting to feel like she doesn’t feel
Is there anybody in there?

Tragedy Bound
Now she’s stuck
She can’t even care enough to fuck
She’s cutting herself just to see if it works
Is there anybody in there?

All her life, she’s bound to lose
All her life, she’s bound to lose

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Take me back to NYC

Take me back to NYC

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Thought of the day #dryjuly #doesalcoholismruninthefamily idrinktostaywarm.wordpress.com
My lady of leisure Emily Cook #dollydoctor #roomofgoon #poisinivyscrackden   (at fabshack)
@jessengels @elise_cassar @leeteemarie @jazzferg @meagsdavis @madeleinejohnson @roothmulvisthe2nd @tahliafarrant @lifeofhollyg - pre jelly
Ready to distroy @leeteemarie #girlthing #jellywrestling #bitchesbecray
Underwater camera finally developed. Topless day in Kiama. #tits #lezbehonest
Bathin with my bro
My men

Where do you belong


'no homo' god says as he puts the male g-spot up their anus

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